Resume Writer Training & Certification

Career Boost offers the most effective resume writer training & certification program. Individuals taking the certificate course will learn how to become an effective resume writer and master all the critical areas of resume writing. The course and certification program was designed by the CEO of Career Boost Steven Mostyn, the bestselling and leading expert in resume writing.

What is Resume writer Training?

Resume writer training allows those interested in becoming a resume writer the opportunity to learn all the essential areas of resume writing. 

What Resume Writer topics will you cover in the training?

The 18 topics covered in the training consist of the following:

Why train under Career boosts Resume Writer Training & Certification Program?

Career Boost Resume Writer Training & Certification Program is the leading resume writer program. It is based on our CEO Steven Mostyn 20+ years of experience as the top resume writer. As well the material of the course is based on his 2 bestselling books, Resume 101 and Job Search.

Where is the Training held?

Learning on demand for either individual or large registered classes. 

What kind of certification will I gain?

For those who take the class and pass our exam, we offer our Master Resume Writer Certification. 

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