What Does Open Availability Mean When Applying for a Job?

The short answer is that open availability means you are willing and able to work any shift, any day of the week. Employers value this flexibility as it allows them to schedule you according to their needs without any restrictions. In this blog, we’ll delve into the specifics of what open availability entails, why it is advantageous for both employees and employers, and how you can convey your open availability effectively during your job application process.

Understanding Open Availability

  1. Definition and Scope
    • Overview: Open availability indicates that you are available to work at any time, including mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. This means you do not have any restrictions or specific time slots during which you cannot work.
    • Implications: Employers can schedule you for any shift, making you a highly flexible and valuable employee. This is especially important in industries like retail, hospitality, healthcare, and customer service, where staffing needs can vary widely.
  2. Employer Expectations
    • Overview: Employers expect employees with open availability to be adaptable and ready to work different shifts as required. This flexibility helps in managing peak business hours, covering for other employees, and handling unexpected changes in staffing needs.
    • Implications: Having open availability can increase your chances of getting hired, especially in roles where flexible scheduling is crucial. Employers often prioritize candidates who can meet the varying demands of their business.

Advantages of Open Availability

  1. For Employees
    • Increased Job Opportunities: Being available for any shift makes you a more attractive candidate, potentially giving you an edge over other applicants.
    • Potential for More Hours: Employees with open availability may be scheduled more frequently, leading to increased working hours and higher income.
    • Skill Development: Working different shifts can expose you to various tasks and responsibilities, helping you develop a broader skill set.
  2. For Employers
    • Flexible Scheduling: Employers can more easily create schedules that meet business needs without worrying about employees’ time constraints.
    • Reduced Staffing Challenges: Open availability helps in covering shifts during peak times, holidays, and when other employees are unavailable.
    • Improved Service: Ensuring that shifts are always covered helps maintain a high level of service and operational efficiency.

How to Convey Open Availability

  1. On Your Resume
    • Include in Objective or Summary: Mention your open availability in your resume’s objective or summary section. For example, “Reliable and flexible professional with open availability, eager to contribute to team success.”
    • Highlight in Work Experience: If you have previously held jobs with varied shifts, mention your open availability in the job descriptions to demonstrate your flexibility.
  2. During the Application Process
    • Application Forms: Many job applications have a section where you can indicate your availability. Clearly mark that you have open availability.
    • Cover Letter: Mention your open availability in your cover letter to highlight your flexibility to potential employers.
    • Interviews: Emphasize your open availability during interviews. Let the interviewer know that you are willing to work any shift and discuss how this flexibility can benefit their scheduling needs.

Potential Challenges

  1. Work-Life Balance
    • Overview: While open availability can lead to more job opportunities, it can also affect your work-life balance, especially if you frequently work irregular hours.
    • Management Tips: Set personal boundaries and communicate any occasional time-off requests in advance. Prioritize self-care to avoid burnout.
  2. Consistency
    • Overview: Irregular work hours can make it challenging to maintain a consistent routine.
    • Management Tips: Develop a flexible personal schedule that accommodates your work shifts. Stay organized and plan your time effectively to ensure a balanced life.


Open availability means you are willing and able to work any shift, any day, making you a valuable and flexible candidate for employers. While it offers significant advantages in terms of job opportunities and hours, it also requires careful management of your work-life balance. By clearly conveying your open availability during the application process, you can enhance your attractiveness to potential employers and increase your chances of landing the job.

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Steven Mostyn

Founder and CEO of Career Agents LLC